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Stone Name

Red Stone Gravel (3/8" & 3/4")

Stone Description Beautiful classic red stone is still one of the most popular landscape stones. Makes classic driveways and walkways, can be used as a bed mulching stone, and is a wonderful landscape accent gravel. Adds instant character anywhere it is used. Functional as well, 3/4" stone drains as well as any 3/4" gravel so it can be used
for drainage applications.
Stone Color

People call it different colors - Maroon, Burgundy, or Red - regardless of name it is beautiful wet or dry

Stone Finish None
Coverage 2" Depth = 100 Square feet of coverage, 3" = 67 sq. ft., 4" = 50 sq. ft.
How The Stone Is Sold 2 - sizes 3/8" and 3/4" both are sold by Weight (by the ton). We do allow you to fill buckets if you need small quantities, a bulk product only - not bagged.
Common Uses For This Stone Decorative paths and driveways. the 3/8" makes a particularly good walking stone on garden paths and can make an instantly classic red stone gravel driveway. Used as a bed mulching stone (instead of wood mulch), and used as a decorative landscape stone around pools, rocks, and various construction elements.
Part of a Family Of Products No
Other Adds class, distinction and character to any installation - a classic.
Close-up picture of red landscape stone


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