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Walkway & Patio Stone
Pattern Shapes
Bluestone Options
Bluestone Pattern - Blue-Blue Color - Sawn Thermal (Smooth Finish)
Bluestone Pattern- Full Range Color - Sawn Thermal (Smooth Finish)
Bluestone Pattern - Blue Blue Color - Natural Cleft (Slightly Rough Finish)
Bluestone Pattern - Full Range Color - Natural Cleft (Slightly Rough Finish)
Bluestone Pattern - Tumbled

Bronte Pattern
Tennessee Crab Orchard Pattern - Full Range Color
Tennessee Crab Orchard Pattern - Gray Color
Norwegian Buff Pattern
Limestone Pattern
Golden Wave Pattern
Karney® Pattern
Blue Ice Pattern
Brownstone Pattern
Rainbow Pattern
Walkway & Patio Stone
Irregular Shapes
PA Colonial Irregular
PA Colonial Large Irregular
Rainbow Irregular
Tennessee Crab Orchard Gray Irregular
Karney® Irregular
Tumbled Bluestone - Lilac Irregular
Tumbled Bluestone Irregular
Tumbled Rainbow Irregular
River Ovals
Vertical Pallets - Larger Pieces
Blue-Blue Bluestone Irregular Vertical
Full Range Color Bluestone Irregular Vertical
Lilac Bluestone Irregular Vertical
Tennessee Crab Orchard - Gray Irregular Vertical
Rosa Flagstone Irregular Vertical
Blush Flagstone Irregular Vertical
Norwegian Buff Irregular Vertical
Bluestone - Heavy Irregular Vertical
Stone Name

Tennessee Crab Orchard Full Range Color
Walkway & Patio Stone

Stone Description

A natural stone used in landscape, and building applications that is known for having extraordinary colors

Stone Color

Very difficult to explain, even more so because there is so much variation from batch to batch - one thing is for certain - the stone is strikingly beautiful. The basic color is typically a mix of tan and brown shades and bands, but color accents can include everything from orange to rust, black, shades of copper and peach. 

Stone Finish Available in a natural cleft (slightly rough) finish.
Coverage Pieces are cut to exact dimensions so coverage is dependent on how much you buy. You tell us how many square feet you need and we'll pull that exact amount for you.
How The Stone Is Sold By the square foot. This stone comes in 1.25" thick pieces.
Common Uses For This Stone Primarily used as a walkway and patio stone. Can be used indoors on a concrete base as a flooring stone.
Part of a Family Of Products Yes, we have many Tennessee Crab Orchard Products including irregular walkway and patio stone, steps and treads.
Other This stone is typically laid on top of a concrete base or foundation.
Tennessee Crab Orchard Full Rnage Color Walkway and Patio Stone for landscape and building projects in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

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Tennessee Crab Orchard Full Range Color In Our Stone Yard

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