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Stone Name

Moss Rock Boulder LARGE Wall Stone

Stone Description

Medium to large boulders of Moss Rock that are used to make large stone walls.

Stone Color

Primarily shades of gray, with accent colors that can range from black, to white. Ages to deeper shades of gray, and often grows beautiful moss in shaded nooks over time.

Stone Finish Unfinished natural stone
Coverage 6 face feet per ton. 1 ton gives you 6 square feet of stone facing.
How The Stone Is Sold Loose by weight. You pick the individual boulders or we can.
Common Uses For This Stone Used as a wallstone but Moss Rock Boulders are also used as placement rocks, water garden and waterfall rocks.
Part of a Family Of Products Yes, we sell many sizes of Moss Rock stone. Moss Rock Boulders are the biggest version, but we have medium and small rock, loose in bins, and on pallets, that make a great wall stone. Moss Rock is also used as placement rocks, waterfall spill rocks and lining rocks in water garden pools.
Other You have to see these Boulders in person - they're really impressive. Remember though that this variation of Moss Rock has little or no moss - it has been baked dormant in the sun. But what that does is expose the underlying rock beneath - which is absolutely beautiful. Some people think that Moss Rock is even more amazing without moss then it is with moss. But don't despair - if you build a Moss Rock Boulder wall in the shade then the moss will either come back or find it's way naturally onto the stone.


Moss rock boulders used to make a large stone wall
  Moss Rock (mossrock) is known for it's extreme texture which is oftten hidden by moss. The moss tends to fade in walls built in full sun (like the wall above) and the real character of the surface of the rock becomes apparent, as do the mix of colors. Mossrock may be the most beautiful stone of all to explore up close. The cracks, crevices, hills and valleys on each piece are endlessly fascinating.

Moss Rock boulder pile in the boulder section of our New Jersey stoneyard

  Individual boulers can range in size but the largest pieces are often 4 feet plus (tall or wide). These are very large boulders that make a unique stome wall. We sell mossrock in so many different sizes that it is easy to get the smaller pieces that fit between the big bolders. By combining sizes you can get a reasonably tightly fitted wall that is easily backfilled.
  moss rock boulders when the sun bakes off the moss and the beautiful natural stone is revealed underneath
  Mossrock (Moss Rock) Boulder Large Wallstone is sold loose by the ton - and you can pick whatever boulders you want from the pile. The largest pieces weigh over a ton. This is stone that has to be installed by a machine. Excavators, masons and experienced landscape contractors are the contractors who most often purchase and install this stone.
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